Wilkin Konzept GmbH contributes to the development of residential space in the heart of Berlin with no compromise for highest demands. Withstanding the dynamic development of the German real estate market, is steadily growing competition for space, given the constraints posed by population. In this regard, all the great demand for concept development, which allow attracting investors and at the same time to triumph over the local consumer.

In such cases, when considering a creative and ambitious projects, a big role is placed on consistently effective financial planning and control. It is justly to state that in this area Ms. Katrin Wilkin, heading for more than eight years the Wilkin Konzept GmbH accompanies safely and successfully the projects of their principals.


Competence through experience
Since 1998, graduated economist in the field of real estate Katrin Wilkin worked at various levels of German and Russian real estate markets. For over three years, she had worked at the company of Dr. Lauritzen Consulting GmbH as a specialist for project commercial management of real estate funds that required reorganization, worked in the financial structure of funds management by supervising the subsidized funds and grants provided by the state government for reorganizational purposes of bailing out of volatile funds (IBB).
In credit Bank Deutsche Kreditbank AG she was performing her professional activities in the following divisions of the Bank: " Financing construction companies “, "Working with investors " and finally, " Strategy and Investments".
Partners Wilkin Konzept GmbH have a great advantage due to Mrs. Wilkin experience and vast network – surpassing any ordinary facilities for management and control.

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