Wilkin Konzept GmbH in Berlin, accompanied by innovative and exclusive real estate projects in all phases:

  • Due Diligence
  • Preparation of the project
  • Planning
  • Preparation for implementation
  • Implementation
  • The final stage of the project

Services at different stages of the project include

1. Services cost control and financing:

  • Calculation of the required estimates of investment costs and operating costs, as well as the registration of applications for funding
  • cost control on individual projects, checking quotations and approval of payment of funds
  • accounting and cost estimates for the necessary adjustments

2. Services for the preparation of contracts implementation and insurance:

  • the structuring and negotiating of contracts for the design of the contents of contracts
  • in the process of insuring the object
  • determination of the timing of contracts and design stages
  • support in contract negotiations and signing up to the final stage of actual implementation of contractual obligations
  • organization of municipal review and control over the stage of the final acceptance
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